So a strange thing happened after my last post.

I was feeling all gung-ho, feeling good about being gluten-free and making good choices for myself and my health.

Then I woke up the next day and REALLY wanted a doughnut.  But I stayed g-free.  And then I had a few IBS flare-ups throughout this week, which are especially frustrating when you think you’re doing well with what you’re eating.

So I’m considering instead being a bit more moderate with myself and seeing if that helps me emotionally.  Because it very much feels like I’m trying to do the right things and I’m still suffering from my IBS.  So maybe it would be ok to have a doughnut every once in a while.  Or a nice slice of bread.  Something small that I really want.  No more gluten binges like I was doing earlier this year, and not every day, but as a special treat.

Because I’ve just realized taking care of my emotions is just as important as taking care of my diet with my IBS.  I’ve been sweeping my emotions aside and focusing on just the food.  But going forward, I’m going to learn how to give space to my emotions about my problem as well.  

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